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  • 10 tell-tale signs of autism in toddlers

    Autism can hit parents like a ton of bricks. It usually sneaks up on families and takes other people to say something before a parent will finally admit something isn’t right themselves. If you suspect your child has autism, please do the right thing and start helping them now. Denial never helps the situation.

    10 signs of autism

    1. Obsessing over certain objects
    2. Stops speaking
    3. Mixes up words more often
    4. Screams instead of speaking
    5. Loss of eye contact
    6. Lack of engagement and social situations
    7. Has severe meltdowns and tantrums
    8. Very ill more often than is normal
    9. Tip toe walking frequently
    10. Hand flapping

    If you suspect that your child has autism based on several of the signs and symptoms above, then please contact your child’s primary care physician. You might have to bring up the word “autism” yourself, because many physicians may see the signs, but use the word cautiously as they should in respect to being wrong as autism usually takes several months to fully develop into an obvious condition.

    Your PCP will need to be willing to help you. They may also want to refer your child to a genetic specialist to confirm the diagnosis. Your first thought of an autism will surely be the question of how they got it in the first place. Be very careful not to let anger and blame get the best of you. It was not your fault that your child has autism and in most cases vaccines can’t be blamed either. Especially if your child is a girl. Most forms of autism in girls are already clearly discovered to be a genetic cause. A simple genetic blood test for possible causes should be considered. Ask your doctor for a microarray test to screen for many genetic causes at once.

    The simple fact that you are reading this very post on my website is a sign that you suspect autism in your child. This is a great first step and your best defense plan from here on out will be to arm yourself with the right knowledge. Be very careful not to be lured in by mainstream information about vaccines and autism unless you know this is the cause of autism in your child for sure. The vaccine road to autism can be a very long and misguided distraction from other possible causes if you are too sold on the idea. Please keep an open mind about all possible causes until you get your answer.

    Never stop looking for answers until you get it! This is how we discovered that our daughter had Rett Syndrome; because we never stopped looking for answers and we never got stuck on one idea. Now we understand that our daughter’s condition is caused by a bad gene in her body as a blood test confirmed. The sooner you get answers, the sooner you can start researching that condition and learning how to help your child even better.

    Good luck and God bless.

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  1. I have two Autistic children and both of them did #1 and #10 quite early on. If your child likes to line up toys over and over again and walks on his/her toes almost everywhere, get him/her tested for Autism.

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