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    In order to keep the information on this website free for visitors looking for ways to help an autistic loved one, we have to have some type of income to help support the cause.

    The sponsorship program on this site consists of affiliate links or direct advertisements and are here to help pay for some of the operating costs of the site and hours spent towards researching and organizing the information that is here to help other parents with autistic children.

    None of the ads are meant to draw your attention away from what is important about autism. Therefore, all ads and sponsorships on this site are relevant to autism and we found that the 3rd party information may benefit visitors seeking information about autism.

    Remember, the people behind this website only consist of a couple of Parents like many of you seeking a way to help their child. We’re not government funded and don’t have a marketing team to think of creative ways to raise money for awareness. So by visiting our sponsors, or donating directly, you are helping contribute to the information on this site by covering some of the costs involved.

    You can read more about us and why we decided to develop this site for you under the About section.

    You may also contact us directly by clicking here.

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