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    What is “the tole treatment” for autism? Many people are wondering what thetole cure is for autism and what it is exactly is a belief from a Chinese Practitioner who believes that some kids with autism can be treated through alternative methods that are shunned by many Western medical professionals today.

    Their claim from their website is that:

    “THE TOLE is dedicated to understanding the workings and inter-relationships of the various regions of the brain, and to developing preventive measures and new treatments for disorders like autism that handicap people in school, work, and social relationships and brain damage or vegetable.”

    Some of their treatments for autism, aspergers, and other forms of autism are:

    • Herbal Brain Powder
    • Autism herbal medicine
    • Tole acupuncture

    This is another claim:

    “The Tole’s Autism Herbal Brain Powder Medicine Treatment is made through a procedure of 49 days of preservation in a special “WOO LOO” for the best therapy effects. It is for the regenerates for proper connections of all the neurons and brain cells in the brain.”

    Here is a YouTube video of TheTole with a patient of theirs who has autism:

    So does TheTole therapy really work for people who suffer from an autism spectrum disorder? I personally cannot testify to this nor do I endorse their services in any way, simply because I have never met one of their patients in person and from a scientific standpoint, none of it makes much logical sense to me either.

    I would love to hear any comments on this treatment though so please submit your remark below in the comment box.

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