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  • Duke University researchers find possible autism gene link

    Study’s findings may prove useful in discovering pathways to autism, reduce disease Kevin Mead, Cavalier Daily Associate Editor October 27, 2009 University Asst. Medical Prof. Jessica Connelly and researchers at Duke University have discovered a possible link between autism and genes that are turned on and off in DNA. The research, which was co-led by Duke Medical Asst. Prof. Simon Gregory, focu...
    • DMSA therapy considered safe and effective for children with autism

      Background This study investigated the effect of oral dimercapto succinic acid (DMSA) therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders ages 3-8 years. Methods Phase 1 involved 65 children who received one round of DMSA (3 days). Participants who had high urinary excretion of toxic metals were selected to continue on to phase 2. In phase 2, 49 participants were randomly assigned in a double-blin...
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