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    Reverse Autism Now is funded privately and sponsored mainly by funds from Area Web Solutions (AWS) and does not carry a lot of expenses. Our staff is small and consists of two passionate parents of an Autistic child who have a strong desire to help other parents like they helped their child, in addition to all the other parents out there that believe what we do and contribute to this site.

    “It’s our personal belief that Autism should not be big business, and that millions of dollars is not going to find a cure for autism. Otherwise the cure would already be developed and available.” says Jeramie Curtice, founder of “Instead, it is going to take parents that band together and gather and organize existing information, then present it to other parents that desire to help their autistic child.” he continued. “If parents don’t put the pressure on the medical and scientific community and question the “professionals”, then autism will continue to be an endless cycle of money-in, money-out with no real answers.”

    Every dollar counts. Donate as little or as much as you would like.

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    If you have any questions, you may call Jeramie directly at 231-286-6310

    (AWS) Reverse Autism Now is sponsored in part by Area Web Solutions–the company that donated and maintains this website free of charge.

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