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    In order to prevent autism, you must first understand what causes autism. And in order to understand what exactly causes autism, you have to understand that autism is much more than just a “brain disorder”. In fact, many people have come to believe that the brain function of an autistic child, is the last and final stage of autism before it is recognized by new parents and then finally diagnosed.

    It’s common knowledge that autism may be caused by more than one single factor. I personally believe that I know what finally led to my own daughter’s autism and my personal story can be read at “What caused my child’s autism?”

    Some of the most common combined causes may include one or more of the following suspected causes below:

       • Genetic factors
       • Mercury poisoning
       • Certain vaccine ingredients like thimerosal (50% mercury)
       • Vaccine sensitivity
       • Immune Deficiency
       • Digestive tract changes
       • Poor diet or allergen foods
       • Allergies to certain proteins like wheat gluten and casein (which is in milk)
       • Other food allergies like soy and high fructose corn syrup
       • The body’s inability to properly use vitamins and minerals
       • Lack of proper sunlight (See vitamin D)
       • Vitamin D deficiency and other lacking vitamins
       • Nutrient and mineral deficiencies perhaps caused from food allergies
       • Certain medications given in high frequency or high doses
       • Untreated Lyme disease passed from a parent or directly from a tick bite
       • Brain swelling from food allergies or Lyme
       • Brain swelling and flat spots on head causing compression
       • Untreated phenylketonuria or PKU
       • Congenital infections (rubella, cytomegalovirus or CMV, toxoplasmosis)
       • Birth delivery procedures (Pitocin to Mother for inducement, HepB vaccine to child at birth)
       • Environmental influences over the fetus during pregnancy like the flu shot, fish, heartburn medications, etc.
       • Fluoride
       • And other unknown causes

    Now compare the possible causes to the symptoms of autism, and it will start to become more clear how to prevent the condition.

    Although there are different levels of autism, many cases are indeed the same or very similar. Often times, autism usually comes with many physical symptoms that are overlooked by parents. These physical and mental symptoms of autism include but are not limited to:

       • Lack of social interaction
       • Little to no verbal and body communication
       • Not as playful
       • Slow mental development
       • Hypersensitivity to all senses like hearing, touch, smell, and taste, and sometimes light
       • Repeat movements or tasks with certain things (repetitive behavior)
       • Seem to be irritated or in pain most of the time
       • Unusual obsession with objects or movements
       • Starring off into space and lack of eye contact
       • High pitch screaming as a form of communication
       • Lining up of objects
       • Hand flapping
       • Tip toeing
       • Diarrhea, constipation, and digestive problems
       • Vomiting (especially after eating)
       • Sensitivity to certain foods
       • Dark circles under the eyes
       • High fevers associated with (ear infections)
       • Ear infections
       • Seizures
       • Restless
       • Yeast infections
       • Ring worm also known as athletes foot if on the feet
       • Has difficult time falling and staying asleep
       • Night sweats
       • Tempers and/or erratic behavior
       • High pain tolerance
       • Self induced pain (repeatedly hits their own head or hits their arms and hands on objects)
       • Easily bruises
       • Confusingly say words differently that they once knew
       • Rashes

    In order to successfully prevent autism, it’s essential that you know the signs to look for early before they develop into autism.

    We have another beautiful 3 month old child at the time of this article and we will be taking our own preventative measures to do our best as parents to steer her clear of autism. Today, she is very alert and interactive. Much more so even than our three year old autistic daughter as she recovers.

    However, the 3 month old has already displayed a few physical symptoms that we missed with the three year old. These include milk allergies, constipation, and more recently some vomiting. We first started her out on the soy based formula just to be safe. But the constipation was enough to at least try a gentle milk based formula. But doing so, caused much diarrhea and a little vomit, so we quickly switched her back.

    Switching her back to soy stopped the diarrhea and vomiting, but left us with the constipation to deal with. So as a safe way to help her out, was with some simple caster oil as needed. The constant diarrhea and soft stools is one of the worst things for an infant because it means that their body is usually allergic to something, fighting something off, or sometimes happens while on medication or too much of a certain vitamin.

    With one autistic child already, we have no choice but to treat our second as though she is autistic now, in order to prevent autism with her as well. We do this by watching for the signs like food allergies. As she transitions over to solid foods, even the soy will be removed from her diet as well as no wheat gluten or high fructose corn syrup or sugar. Which also reminds me, this child will not be getting Karo Syrup for her tummy aches as our other child did.

    This is not the only thing that we are doing to prevent autism with our second child. Remember, I am no medical professional, nor do I personally suggest anything over your doctor, but we personally will not vaccinate this child for quite some time, if at all because of the high risk of autism in the family now.

    From the day our newest child was born, we opted out of the vitamin K and Hepatitis B vaccination administrated at birth. In fact, we were so paranoid about it, that I followed the nurses around as they wheeled our daughter out of the room, every time they needed her in the nursery. She never left our sight while there, just in case they got mixed up on our requests.

    Some people are going to disagree with our decision not to vaccinate, but that is okay, because they are not the ones that will have to deal with the everyday life of autism, so it’s easy to judge. In addition, in a sense, our daughter is externally vaccinated so-to-speak. If all the other children get vaccinated, then the dangerous diseases are highly unlikely to be among the population anyways with the exception of the flu, hepatitis, and perhaps a few others.

    As long as our daughter is not sharing needles, nor sexually active, then Hep B is not a great risk. The flu shot as well is not supposed to be given to high risk candidates either. And by high risk, I’m talking about autism.

    Most of the problems from vaccinations occur when a child with a suppressed immune system gets the vaccination or is allergic to an ingredient in it. The ironic thing about getting terribly ill from the flu usually also occurs when the immunity is weakened by something. So in essence, the flu shot is a risk that does not need to be taken, because the chances of getting the flu is less than getting the shot. It’s a 100% chance that something could POSSIBLY happen if you give your child the shot. It’s less of a chance if you don’t.

    Again, don’t take my advice though. Instead, listen to your doctor and then make some common sense of it on your own. I’m not against vaccinations, because I do believe that they do indeed serve a wonderful purpose, but not for us according to the current schedule of 36 by age 12. For us, the risk is too great until science offers us some solid answers.

    In the meantime, we will either vaccinate sometime later when we think it’s safe as our daughter develops a stronger immunity and only administer the most important vaccines, or we may opt out completely as we continue to weigh the risks.

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