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    Need autism resources for parents? Then learn from a 37 year old Mother of two children of which one has autism. Kerri Stocks’ Son is 13 and she has devoted her life to learning as much as she can about autism, and how to help other parents in the same situation. She has earned her Post Grad Certificate in Advanced Disabilities Studies while helping her child.

    "Here I am with my 2 beautiful children as we read through the books together. Jessica, Kerri and Brandon"

    Her books help guide other parents though the challenges of Autism as a Mother, and then with an academic perspective.

    To learn more about the books that Kerry offers, click here or continue reading.

    “I have over thirteen years experience with ASD / Aspergers / Autism, both as a mother and as a consultant to parents, as well as holding academic qualifications in Advanced Studies Of Disabilities. I am currently working on my Masters Degree In Human Services.”

    The Rules of the Game Book 1

    Topics covered in Book 1

    • Emotions and Feelings
    • Reflecting
    • Communicate
    • Rules
    • Idioms
    • Responsible
    • You are OK
    • Body Language
    • Different Perspectives
    • Exceptions To The Rules

    The Rules of the Game Book 2

    Topics covered in Book 2

    • Think It – Don’t Say It
    • Taking The Blame
    • Me, Me, Me
    • Copying
    • Cheezed Off
    • When They Stare
    • It’s Worth A Try
    • Mistakes, Oops
    • .
    • .

    The Rules of the Game Book 3

    Topics covered in Book 3

    • Unspoken Expectations
    • Words
    • Expectations
    • Respect
    • Choices
    • Opinions
    • Disappointed
    • Pretending
    • Just Pick It Up
    • .

    The Rules of the Game Book 4

    Topics covered in Book 4

    • Hurting On The Inside
    • Bullies
    • Just Ask
    • Look At Me
    • Hush
    • When Things Just Suck
    • Remember … What ?
    • Up words and down words
    • Getting to know me
    • This Is Me mini book
    • So……you’re snowballing
    • Thoughts=Feelings=Responses
    • Re-Think It !
    • Do you feel what I feel ?
    • Teachers Role

    If you’re ready to buy these books or learn more about them, then please click here

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