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  • Teacher’s aide abuses autistic boy by allegedly waterboarding (VIDEO)

    The mother of a 14-year-old autistic boy has accused a school aide of ‘waterboarding’ her son by forcing his head under a running faucet. A fellow student has also claimed that the boy was also forced to eat his own vomit. Two teacher’s aides have been charged with abusing the boy and other special needs children. Five families have filed charges and they believe that their children’s disabilities prevented them from reporting the abuse.

    The two school aides have resigned and are said to be giving the investigation their full cooperation.

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  1. Autistic kids cannot defend themselves in most cases. They usually can’t speak as well so this adds to the fear in parents of abuse happening with their children. We’ve been there ourselves with daycare, and in the end, found that one parent must stay home with the child in order to ensure their safety.

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