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    Although there is no known cure for autism yet, many of the symptoms are treatable. One of the most important messages that parents with autistic kids should hear, is that there are treatments available that can slow the regression of autism, stop it, or completely reverse it is some cases. And it’s our message here that the sooner you start treatment, the sooner your child can recover from autism.

    Treatments for autism range and depend greatly on the symptoms. Though mental delays would perhaps be the most common symptom in autistic children, there are a range of others that should be looked at before entering a treatment program.

    The first place to start is usually through the child’s doctor or pediatrician. The doctor may refer you to a specialist. Family doctors usually won’t diagnose autism because of the complexity of it as it can sometimes be misdiagnosed by an inexperienced physician. Your family doctor may also recommend you to call your local school for an additional evaluation.

    Which leads me to the misdiagnosis of Autism in some cases. New research shows that an estimated 20% of Autism Spectrum Disorders are confused for what may really be a case of Lyme Disease. Untreated Lyme disease can cause symptoms similar to autism. Ask your doctor to consider testing your child if the child shows several physical symptoms of autism. Another important mysterious consideration is that Lyme disease has often been believed to only be possible from a tick bite. New research suggests that in fact Lyme may be passed from one parent or both as a second generation infection. Read Lyme disease and Autism connection for more information.

    Once your child’s needs have been discovered and other possibilities ruled out, you may then begin treatment. It’s also important to note that several physicians out there may not offer any treatment for the less severe physical symptoms associated with autism. Once a child has been diagnosed with autism, many mainstream doctors feel that it’s a “brain disorder” rather than a possible “body disorder”. Therefore, don’t expect doctors to associate many of the physical problems with autism.

    Even our “Specialist” that diagnosed our daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder, told us to go home and “research it as much as possible” and that “we would no longer need to come back.” This upset us so much, that that’s exactly what we did. It’s appalling that we were never asked about any of the physical problems associated with autism. Every person we talked to wanted to call it just a “brain disorder”.

    As an alternative, find a DAN doctor in your area. DAN stands for Defeat Autism Now–no association to us–and these physicians are specific to helping the autistic child’s whole body through proper nutrition and other available treatments. We will be working on a DAN doctor directory soon, but in the meantime ask your doctor for a referral in your area.

    The therapies that are available for treating autism are:

       • Applied behavior analysis (ABA)
       • Diet
       • Medications
       • Occupational therapy
       • Physical therapy
       • Speech-language therapy

    Though I personally do not find that medications are needed in many cases of autism, I have to remain unbiased in the case of treating autism, because I do have to assume that medication may be needed in some instances. Especially if the child experiences seizures.

    Keep in mind however, some medications can also sometimes cause bacterial imbalances that may contribute to autism as I strongly believe happened with our daughter after taking several medications for constant ear infections. You can read what I believe cause my daughter’s condition by clicking on What caused my child’s Autism?. Please also note that I’m no expert in all cases, just with my own daughter. I’m also no physician, so never take my word over the safety of your own child. Listen to your doctor and use your own judgment, yet more importantly find a doctor who understands autism well. Such as a DAN doctor.

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