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    This program is for younger children with an autism spectrum disorder. It can be effective in some cases. ABA uses a one-on-one teaching approach that reinforces the practice of various skills. The goal is to get the child close to normal developmental functioning.

    ABA programs are usually done in a child’s home under the supervision of a behavioral psychologist. These programs can be very expensive and have not been widely adopted by school systems. Parents often must seek funding and staffing from other sources, which can be hard to find in many communities. (medline)

    Some States recognize the importance and effectiveness of ABA therapy and include this therapy or a similar ABA-like therapy in special needs programs through certain schools that may vary by county.

    Check with your local Doctor to recommend a school or contact your local school administration to learn more.

    ABA therapy seems to be highly effective for many autistic kids. Using ABA therapy along with other custom therapies that make sense for your child will be most beneficial.

    Do not expect immediate results with ABA therapy. It can take several months to several years to see the positive results of this therapy for most autistic children. However, with this intensive learning method, one can expect to see better results than traditional classroom learning techniques.


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