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    Biomedical treatments for autism may be among the most controversial for some individuals, but have also been proven to be the most effective for many autistic children on the spectrum.

    Because Autism is a “Spectrum Disorder” with lots of symptoms from perhaps lots of causes, this means that there can be a wide variety of treatments that can treat some of these symptoms. Finding the right treatments for your child is going to be very important and always keep in mind the safety of your child.


    Always remember that your child’s safety comes first and autism very often already includes a weakened immune system so you do not want to further damage their body. Also keep in mind that what you heard worked great for one autistic child, may not work so well for your own.

    Please take the time to properly research treatments for your child and talk to your doctor about them first before proceeding.

    Some parents can have blinders over their eyes out of desperation to help their child and make hastely decisions that harm or fatally injure their children. Don’t let this be you. Please use some wisdom.

    With that said, feel free to browse our biomedical treatments for a description of which ones are available, how well they work, and how safe they are for your child. By the way, most of the treatments mentioned on this website are very safe. The danger is usually how the parent(s) administer them sometimes, by over-medicating or under-nourishing their child or by trying to perform advanced treatments without the expertise of a knowledgeable doctor.

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