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    Chelation Therapy is the process of removing metals from the body. If the child is poisoned with heavy metals such as mercury, lead, bismuth, arsenic, and others, then this can have a profound negative affect on the brain, causing neurological disturbances, digestive problems, hypersensitivities, seizures, and sometimes death.

    The causes of heavy metal poisoning is often very misunderstood. “Autism” being sometimes defined as a “brain disorder” is usually noticed around 18 months, and very often noticed around the time of certain vaccinations. Not every vaccination contains heave metals, but the controversial ones would be the “multi-dose” vaccinations.

    In an effort to save money, vaccine makers created a vial that could be drawn from more than one time. On order for this to store without losing the integrity of the vaccine, thimerosal (50% ethylmercury) was added in low amounts. Mercury has long been known to cause brain disorders in some individuals and animals if exposed to in high enough amounts. However, trace amounts are supposed to be safe for most people. With that said, there may be a certain amount of people that can be sensitive to it if their dna structure is out of the normal range and the child has underlying conditions that are unknown.

    One very common fact among a certain percentage of autistic children is that they have low glutathione levels. Glutathione is known as the most powerful antioxidant in the body. Glutathione is only made by the body from 3 amino acids; glutamate, glycine and cysteine. It’s important to note that when the body has unstable levels of these three amino acids, then the glutathione production can suffer. The three mentioned amino acids are also found in some vaccinations. It is theory that the body of some autistic children may actually confuse the amino acids in vaccinations as a virus and as a result attack the amino acids that they digest from foods.

    The liver needs good glutathione production in order to remove bad metals from the body and regulate good metals in the body as introduced. Some foods like fish and foods containing high fructose corn syrup can contain mercury while lead can be found in older homes built before 1978 and in some toys made outside the United States.

    When the liver has low glutathione levels, it cannot detoxify metals out and in return will store metals in the organs after circulating in the blood long enough. The organ affected the most by metal poisoning is the brain. Chelation therapy works by removing the metals out of the brain tissue and other parts of the body.

    There are several methods of Chelation therapy. Some ways are more potent than others and some work better for a certain metal but not another. Perhaps the safest and most affective chelation therapy for an average metal poisoned child is what’s called Dimercaptosuccinic acid or DMSA.

    DMSA works by quickly removing metals, mostly lead, and then raising the glutathione levels. This dual benefit can be administered safe for most children and have fast results. Usually one round can have very positive results with an average of 7-10 rounds as a standard protocol for treatment.

    There is also the more controversial DMPS, then the EDTA IV, and the TTFD chelation methods. Some are stronger methods while others focus on certain metals. Each one should be considered for your child with a professional that understands metal poisoning and autism and glutathione levels.

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