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    Autism is a very complex condition at this point. However, a year and a half ago, it was more confusing than today after we first heard that our daughter could possibly be Autistic. It took a while to diagnose, but through several months of “expert” observation, we were indeed given the dreaded diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is one account of how we believe that our daughter, Natalie who is 3 now, got Autism and how we are reversing it.

    Basically, the doctors had left us with no options but to “research it ourselves”. So that’s what we have done. Personally, I have put in several hundred hours of research and I’m pretty sure I know what caused my daughter’s autism, and how to reverse it as well. I just feel like something is still missing in what I have learned so far. We have managed to treat many of the physical symptoms of autism, and slowly reversing any damage of the mental problems that occurred.

    When Natalie was only a couple months old, our state help, WIC, switched her formula brand. The new brand caused her to vomit every day. The doctor said that is was common for some kids to spit up that much. But we know now it was not normal and was concerned then as well, so we switched to a soy formula that she used until she did not throw up as much.

    As her body was rejecting the milk and soy formulas of this new brand that we went through, we did not notice it as a serious problem then, but the milk and soy also caused her to have constant runny noses. At this point her ear infections began. The milk and soy from the formula no doubt caused this as we know now. So the doctors prescribed antibiotics to kill the ear infections, and she also had 3 ear surgeries over a year period to keep them open with the help of some tubes.

    I think she was on the meds over 5 times. This caused her digestive tract to develop other problems because of the imbalance of good bacteria and bad ones as the medication killed it all to get rid of the ear infections. So she developed an allergy to wheat gluten at this point and also an extreme sensitivity to sugars–all also to be discovered later. This is how she also got yeast infection and later athletes foot that would not go away.

    During this same time, she was also getting her vaccinations that should have been avoided while her immune system was battling other things. The mercury and other toxins in the vaccinations tipped the scale. Around 15 months, the doctors gave her 7 shots in one day while her body was defending and trying to recover from the constant infections.

    By around 17 months or so, we knew something was wrong. She began to speak less, could not learn new words, and in fact was developing backwards, and began to stare off into space with almost no eye contact. She also started to flap her hands and tip toe walk; all classic signs of autism.

    In addition to all of this, Natalie was born in August which gave her no time to be outside as winter came shortly after and we also felt she should be kept her inside because she was sick all the time with colds, ear infections and high fevers. Sunshine is what triggers the body to naturally produce vitamin D. 10 minutes of sunshine can supposedly offer 10,000 IU’s. Because Natalie was throwing up and had runny stools all the time at this point, her body was deficient of several essential vitamins and minerals because it was all passing through her and became impossible for her to absorb from constant food allergies, as we now understand.

    12 weeks ago, I became desperate for answers and stayed up all night every night researching autism for solid answers. To my surprise, I found that many autistic kids have the same physical symptoms; not just the mental ones. So many of her problems began to now point to the food we were giving her.

    Amazingly, we found that she was allergic to almost every meal we gave her to eat. Her digestive system was not able to absorb any nutrients because it was constantly fighting off foreign toxins and allergens that her body rejected. So we immediately started her on a diet that eliminated wheat gluten, casein, soy, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn, and a few other things.

    The initial change was a living hell, however, we expected it from what I researched. We learned that wheat gluten and dairy foods convert in the brain of some people as an opiate like substance that makes autistic kids high and leaves the body wanting more. It truly is a drug addiction from what we witnessed. Natalie was crazy for the first week as her body withdrew from the drugs (I mean food).

    You see, 12 weeks ago, we had another child named Ashley, and Natalie was screaming all day long as loud as a little girl could. She could not but only speak two confused words by then like, “stow”, and “stosh” so she just screamed all the time. We knew that Ashley should not be around this so we then got serious about figuring out how to help Natalie.

    After the first week of biting people and acting like a really wild child, the storm quickly began to calm. Just like someone flipped a switch. She stopped throwing up everyday, her stools became solid, the screaming went from thousands of times a day to only a few times, she was falling asleep 15 minutes after we laid her down at night instead of running around crazy until 1 am everyday, she began taking naps during the day as well, became more alert, and now she knows over 60 words with new ones everyday, and is recently speaking 2 word sentences. All this in just 12 weeks.

    And oh yeah, the most amazing part to me is that she is now looking her Daddy in the eye instead of avoiding eye contact like she was for so long.

    I’m just the goofy kid that grew up in a small town, graduated with my GED and now go to college for Web Development while maintaining a home business. If a guy like me can figure out this stuff on my own, then you really have to ask why the so called “scientists” and “Doctors” can’t figure it out and don’t offer the help at diagnosis.

    To conclude, I feel that it was a chain of events that took place in Natalie which finally led to her autism. As her body was defending allergen foods and toxins, her brain was starving for nutrition and eventually became depleted, only fed by drug like conversions of what little food and nutrients were absorbed by her body.

    However, we still have missing links that need to be connected. And that’s what we developed this website for in addition to offering hope to other patents with autistic kids. We are here to learn and teach what we have already learned.

    I recently discovered something that possibly answered why some autistic kids get cured with Valtrex and other viral drugs. Some recent studies and hypothesis’ indicate that an estimated 20-30% of autistic children actually have Lyme disease. If this is true, then there are over 200,000 misdiagnosed kids on the spectrum right now that need to be treated for Lyme disease. We will surely be following up on this and in the meantime, have our own daughter tested for Lyme as her symptoms do also resemble this disease.

    UPDATE: 05/19/2010
    We did the Lyme testing and also tested for herpes encephalitis with a negative result. Yay! But our quest for answers did not stop there. We continued to search for other conditions that mimic autism in girls and found that Rett Syndrome is a common form of autism in young girls. So we convinced the Doctor to order the blood test. That was in January 2010. 2 months later our fear came true. Our daughter has the mecp2 mutation that causes Rett Syndrome.

    My theory above was a great one, but not exactly the right one. However, it is not entirely inaccurate either. That “something still missing” in my research as mentioned originally, was what we now know as Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is a genetic disorder that puts a major burden on the immune system. With that said, any assaults on a weakened immune system, is only fuel to the fire.

    Now that we finally have a solid answer as to exactly what type of autism our daughter has, we can now focus on treating her properly. Rett Syndrome is perhaps the worst form of autism and the prognosis is very grim, but we have hope as parents that what we have learned about autism so far, is actually helping her in ways that can’t be explained. She is still walking, talking some, very alert today, and continues to get better each day. The only exception we see right now is that her hands are contorting. Besides this, she is doing great for what she has.

    From one parent to another, we hope you will also be able to find the right answers for your child. Had we of been closed-minded, we too would have believed that vaccines caused our child’s autism and perhaps performed the wrong treatments on her. As with the Lyme disease, you can’t treat something that does not exist.

    Be smart, God bless, and good luck.

    I’m always available to answer questions if you still have any. Just click the Contact link at the top.



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  1. #1 ChronicLymie says:
    July 16th, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    Some autistic kids get cured with Valtrex because half of the human population has some type of herpes virus in their system. When there are co-infections along with Lyme, like a virus or other bacteria, the immune system cannot fight the Lyme bacteria. So when the herpes is brought under control, the body has a better chance of fighting the Lyme bacterial infection.

    Same goes for yeast infections. The Lyme does not cause the yeast infection, but it affects the bodies ability to control the yeast,–which is always there–. Many yeast infections go undiagnosed because the infection can be in the digestive tract.

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  2. #2 Catherine says:
    July 16th, 2019 at 10:40 am

    Look into the GAPS protocol. An elimination diet is only the first step on the path to true healing. Most food sensitivities will be healed as the underlying cause, a leaky gut, is removed.

    Good luck!

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  3. #3 Caring Parents says:
    July 16th, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    Please watch this Doctor’s presentation on Youtube:

    Also, please study the Weston A Price Foundation website:

    Finally, parents need to heal their children’s digestive systems, so that the child can adequately block poisons and absorb and correctly process nutrients. Foods such as Kefir, RAW (unpasturized) Milk, fermented foods such as sourkraut, and bone broths made from grassfed animals are extremely helpful in healing the human gut. Until that’s done, your child is going to remain nutrient deficient.

    And finally, please please DO NOT feed your child Soy in any form, especially as a formula. Soy increases estrogen levels in both boys and girls which blocks Iodine and inhibit Thyroid function, impacting all the glands (endocrine system) in the body.

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  4. #4 A Chattopadhyay says:
    July 16th, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Can you suggest any alternative of casein ?

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